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In twenty years of working in the industry, we have gained a lot of experience with gathering information from business owners. They have taught us that small business's have a need, and for that need to be fulfilled comes paperwork, numbers, files and reporting. With the constant need to record, document and organize to stay on top of their game. This comes as an awareness that there is a need for someone who is capable and organized to handle paperwork and finances.    

 At Devanter, we pride ourselves with organization,  accurate reports and data entry with all due diligence to get the job done, seamlessly and within a timely manner.  Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied, because you, our client are our number one priority.   


 "Chantal is a great self-starter who requires little direction to perform her work. She is great with computers and really takes the time to not only understand the process from her point of view, but also from the other stakeholders involved. Chantal brings her experience in and helps improve everyone around her in a friendly manner that makes those around her that much better too." 

 - Scott Dragon- 

" As a CPA, I refer my clients to utilize Devanter Bookkeeping & Office Solutions Inc. services. Chantal and her staff are professional, knowledgeable and provide the highest level of customer service. If you are looking for a fantastic bookkeeping company, I would highly recommend Devanter. Great value and service for your business." - Gurwinder Sekhon -

 "Chantal is great to work with and has exceptional expertise as a bookkeeper. She is very organized and has great attention to detail. I have been very lucky to have worked in the office with Chantal where we have collaborated on many company projects together. I would like to also mention how easy going she is and how she brings a very enjoyable personality to the work place. Edge Innovations Inc has been very pleased with everything Chantal has done to help the company stay on track and meet all of our bookkeeping needs. She knows what she is doing and is an expert in her field. I would highly recommend Chantal to any company. "

-Luke Munro

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Chantal LeBlanc

Chantal is the owner and founder of Devanter Bookkeeping & Office Solutions Inc. She started this company in order to provide small and medium companies a like with the best possible service she could provide. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, as well as experience as being a small business owner herself, you can surely rely on her to relate to yourself as a business owner and count on her to understand where you are financially. She is a hard working and dedicated woman, she is driven and determined to get the job done. She pushes through any obstacles within her path and won't back down, meaning you can rest assured that she knows what she is doing. She only wants whats best for you and that is why she has started this company. She is your go to gal, who is always looking to bring on more clients and expand her horizons. She has worked with a variety of different industries, giving her the experience to work with many different fields. If you are interested in our services or have any inquires about what we can do for you, she is more than happy to answer those for you. Just give a phone call or send an email or message through Facebook. You can find our contact information on our Contact Us page.

Winter Eriksson

Here at Devanter, Winter is in charge of the media management. She takes care of the sites for the company, and keeps everything updated. The goal is to keep you the customer informed and reassure you that we are more than just a business. That you are more than just a business. The goal is to keep things fresh and exciting, we know paperwork is not the most exciting of things, that is why Winter is here to make things a little more fun. She is excited to engage you as a customer and any feedback or questions about our social media sites are more than welcome. Inquires can be sent to our email, which can be found on our Contact Us page. Winter is also experienced with QuickBooks online, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Customer Service and Reception duties. 

Sandra Sierra 

Another new member to join our team is Sandra, who has accounting background from Columbia! We welcome this wonderful new asset to our team. She has earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree through school, focusing on accounting. She is a friendly, passionate women who likes to face a challenge. 

Devin Friesen 

Director of Business Relations 

Devin has over 15 years in entrepreneurship and recruiting. As a business owner, he understands the intricacies of running everyday operations and just how vital it is to have the right person in the right place.

With a passion for seeing business owners exceed their goals, Devin brings an unmatched empathy to finding the right solution for your business.

“When a business owner comes to me for help in filling a role that is detrimental to the success of their organization, I feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility to help get them there. This is what drives me to get the right fit time and time again”

In his spare time Devin enjoys writing, boxing and anything outdoors.